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Rex seems to be an ordinary teenager, living a rather mundane life growing up at the rundown Half Orphan Asylum for Destitute and Abandoned Children in New York. He doesn’t know anything about his past—or his future—but he does have two best friends, Sam and Zach. He also has a mysterious lump on his arm that has recently started to bother him.

On a completely normal day spent in Central Park, Rex’s lump begins to ache. He tries to ignore the pain, but suddenly, the beautiful day becomes ominous. The sky turns black, and a bright light flashes through the darkness. Next thing Rex knows, he and his friends have been abducted and are now being held prisoner on a spaceship!

It’s a race against time to save Earth from an alien invasion, but what’s an ordinary teenager supposed to do? Well, as it turns out, Rex might not be so ordinary after all. He has a battle to fight, and along the way, he learns the truth of his birth and the power of his future. With his devoted friends by his side, Rex can do anything—even save the world.